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The International Network for the Study of Arab Societies is an independent international scientific network established in the year 2020 on a personal initiative by Professor Dr Faouzi Ben Dridi, Professor of Sociology – Algeria, and Dr Maryz Younes, Professor of Sociology at the Lebanese University.

The main goal that the network aims to establish a scientific coordination platform that combines together the accumulated experiences of the scientific centres to study the Arab societies through a common understanding of the nature of the transformations taking place within our societies in order to contribute to forming a common knowledge system that converges the current and the future Arab crises.

It includes Arab and international institutions, research centres, associations, and scientific laboratories interested in Arab societies issues like Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, Morocco, Yemen, Sudan, Jordan, Mauritania, Sultanate of Oman, Turkey & Canada.

A number of specialized scientific units are formed within the network which are: Historical Studies Unit of the Arab Region, Strategic Studies Unit, Policy Studies Unit, Social Changes Studies Unit, Cultural Studies Unit, Legal Studies Unit, Media Studies Unit, Education Studies Unit, City Studies Unit, and Social Platform of the Arab region.

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